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UK-born and bred singer-songwriter Sarah Lucy Dole has been singing in various bands for more than 20 years. Now pursuing a highly successful solo career, she comes across with the confidence and command of a woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants to say. Music is, and has always been, the lifeblood of her very existence. From a very young age of growing up in a somewhat dysfunctional family, music became Sarah’s lifeline.

She was born in the Gloucestershire town of Cheltenham, the youngest of five children to a father who spent several years on the run. This meant that Sarah and her family moved often from house to house, town to town, often miles away from friends and relatives. It seemed at times like a different school every other term, forging new short-term friendships. Throughout all this upheaval Sarah found solace in music, and from a young age she discovered a connection to the country music that her errant father loved.

Music became Sarah’s way of gaining attention from family and friends. From the age of three she would be the family’s entertainment, singing and performing for anyone who would stop and listen. She learnt to be somewhat self-sufficient; strong enough to survive in extreme and ever-changing circumstances. She channelled her thoughts and emotions into writing songs and knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue a singing career.

Whilst gaining a degree with honours in commercial music at Canterbury Christ Church University, Sarah became involved in various musical projects including stints in Trader Bay, Buntline Special and Star Lane. This led to Sarah supporting such international performers as Chip Taylor (Angel in the Morning) with Carrie Rodriguez, Al Perkins (The Band, The Eagles, Bob Dylan) with Kevin Montgomery, Gail Davies (The first female record producer in Country Music), Glen Tilbrook (Squeeze), Susan Gibson (Wide Open Spaces) and Sally Barris (Little Voice) who described Sarah ‘as an English Rose but you would never know that listening to her crystal clear country voice. I have known Sarah for many years and she has really come into her own as a songwriter and singer! A real woman singing real songs about heartbreak, love, the road, strength and resilience. Fans who like Patty Loveless and Pam Tillis will embrace Sarah and her songs.’

In 2000 Sarah produced a prison concert involving 26 musicians, including prisoners, to raise money for the Demelza House children’s charity. Glen Tilbrook (Squeeze) headlined the concert that raised more than £12,000.

Sarah played at the Country2Country Music Festival at the O2 Arena in 2013/14 and was named in the top three in the 2013 Great British Country Song Award. She has also gained two official Country Music Awards at The Texas Sounds International country Music Awards 2014/2015 and was a special guest star performer in 2016. That same year she was voted in the top 10 nominees for Artist of the Year at the 2016 UK Country Radio Awards.

Currently in the studio working on her next album, Sarah finally released her first full-length album, BUCKLE UP in 2013. It was an impressive album full of honest, from the heart songs filled with optimism and hope. Several of the songs are like pages torn from chapters of her life. My Life concerns finding the strength to walk away from an abusive relationship written and sung with great power and emotion. Slammin’ Door explores a similar scenario as a bruised and battered woman seeks a loving relationship following a series of disastrous entanglements.

It takes great courage for anyone to open up their heart and inner soul like this, but Sarah does it with an element of hope and optimism for the future rather than wallowing in a sad and heartbreaking past. Her faith obviously plays a part as she explains in Getting Over You, a soulful ballad and the spiritual You Shine On with its inspiring lyrics and lush arrangement.

Sarah Lucy Dole’s ability to connect with the human heart through her singing is an amazing thing to witness. Listen to her sing, listen to her songs, you will understand this. It’s a gift, and she uses her gifts beautifully.

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